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What is Japanese Tattoo?

Tattoo Design Book -DRAGON-

Culture and History: During the Edo period, Japanese Tattoo had many meanings in Japan. They were used to identify and punish criminals, and were favored among firefighters as a symbol of their strength.

Eventually styles were developed that incorporated motifs found in woodblock prints. Traditional Japanese art, demon and dragon became common subjects. Today the beauty of Japanese Tattoo is as enduring as ever.

Japanese Art (UKIYO-E Art)

Japanese Women (Geisha & Bijinga) Art Book

In English speaking world, Japanese Art is synonymous with the Floating World - UKIYO-E Art, a style of woodblock prints and paintings produced between the Edo and the Meiji periods.

Common themes include warrior (SAMURAI), geisha and kabuki performer. Many artists have worked in this unique style. We are proud to offer a selection of the very best Japanese art books for your perusal.

Horimono & Irezumi

Horimono and Irezumi are two terms often associated with Japanese tattoos. Irezumi were known as "Yakuza Tattoos" because they are often donned by Japanese gangsters. The term Horimono was used to describe tattoos of an artistic nature.

These days the distinction between the two terms has blurred. Irezumi has become a commonly used word for Japanese tattoos of all sorts. It is difficult to define the difference between Irezumi and Horimono in contemporary usage, although Horimono is generally considered to be the more polite term.

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Japanese Tattoo Work

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