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The Japanese Cherry Blossoms

The Japanese Cherry Blossoms

  • Subject: Japanese Tradtional Flower Design
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  • Binding: Paperback [408 pages]
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The Japanese Cherry Blossoms

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All About Japanese Cherry Blossom Design

The cherry blossom is considered a national flower in Japan. It has been celebrated for many centuries and holds a very prominent position in Japanese culture.

In 1912, Japan gifted 3,020 cherry trees to the United States to celebrate their growing-friendship. These trees were planted in Manhattan and along the shore of the tidal basin in Washington, D.C. This gift was renewed with 3,800 more trees in 1965.

A new title in the traditional patterns series, this book shows another Japanese traditional motif, the cherry blossom. About 220 works are featured in the book dating from the eighth-century through the twentieth-century, including such artists as Hiroshige and Taikan Yokoyama.

This book introduces the cherry blossom, with its special significance in Japanese culture and aesthetics, through works of art in many media from two thousand years of history. Not only paintings but also textiles, ceramics, metalwork, personal ornaments: cherry blossoms everywhere.

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