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Beautiful Japanese Tattoos

Beautiful Japanese Tattoos [USED]

  • Subject: Tattoo Photo & Art
  • Book ID: jta000-005
  • Book Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.8 x 0.6 inches
  • Binding: Paperback [190 pages]
  • Price: US$49.95
Beautiful Japanese Tattoos

High quality full-size Japanese Tattoo photos from cover to cover

Beautiful Japanese Tattoos is the sequel to indispensable 900 Japanese Tattoos. This new volume was published in May 2008.

The editors have really outdone themselves this time both in terms of tattoo selection and presentation. It includes designs not only by tattoo masters of old, but also up-and-coming Japanese tattoo artists of today.

Designs are presented in the form of full page spreads in lush full color. Subject matter runs the gamut and includes dragons, Japanese masks, ghosts, demons, Koi fish, gods & deities, geishas, samurai, tigers, phoenixes and much more!

NOTE: This is a used-book which top and bottom of the cover page are slightly worn. The inside remains perfect condition.

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