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Mythical Beasts of Japan

Mythical Beasts of Japan

  • Subject: Japanese Tattoo Reference
  • Book ID: jta004-005
  • Book Dimensions: 8.1 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches
  • Binding: Paperback [392 pages]
  • Price: US$84.95
Mythical Beasts of Japan

Mythical Beasts of Japan From Evil Creatures to Sacred Beings

When we look at the many grotesque creatures imagined by human beings, our imaginations start to soar.

How should we portray today those various auspicious and divine animals that have been worshipped and revered throughout our history and what are they trying to tell us? This book is for you to experience the world of these mythical animals as we introduce them to you through a series of Japanese historical illustrations.

This book is a visual introduction to a variety of Japanese mythical beasts. Japanese imaginary creatures, such as Byakko (White Tiger), Suzaku (Vermilion Bird), Genbu (Black Tortoise), and Ryu (Japanese Dragon), were handed down from ancient Chinese mythology.

Most of the featured works, mainly from the 12th century to the 19th century, feature motifs of sacred animals painted by artists such as Kawanabe Kyosai, Ito Jakuchu, Utagawa Kuniyoshi ,and more. Moreover, all kinds of the evil creatures, such as devils and goblins, and the deities from Japanese folklore are depicted in all their splendid glory in paintings, carved wood, decorative art pieces such as mirrors, incense burners, and much more.

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