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Customer's Voice

Maurice [Germany]
The parcel finally arrived! I want to say thank you that you actually found the time to stay in contact with me and cooled my nerves down. This is not normal anymore in fast times like today. I'm really appriciating this and I will recommend your online shop and will definetly order next time, when I need some inspiration or a cool gift, from you too. By the way the post stemps were the coolest :)
Orland [Brazil]
The book is in perfect condition, it will only be used for queries, thank you for your attention. Can consider me as a customer who really admire your work and services rendered. In my humble opinion, the best site available for purchasing this type of art. Best regards, Orlando
Dario [Italy]
Hello to All, Yestrday I've received my books. I received them in perfect condition and they are so beautiful. Thank you for your job, very professional. Friendly Dario
Henrik [Sweden]
Hi! Thank you for the good service with my previous orders. I wonder if Traditional Japanese Tattoo Volume 1 is going to be in stock soon. I was just about to order it from you when I saw that it was out of stock. Best regards/Henrik
Jonathan [Barbados]
To whom it may concern, just a quick note to let you know that i received the books i ordered in good condition on June 17th. Thank you for all the help in getting them as far as Barbados, i look forward to ordering some more books from you in the near future. Jonathan.
Celine [FRANCE]
My boyfriend already bought some books from your website this summer for my birthday. They were very nice. As I want to think about a new tatoo, I saw several books that may interest me but one is sold out. I would like to make sure you do not have it available... It's "Phoenix Design Reference Book". Could you tell me if you'll receive it soon or not? Thank you very much
Nicole [USA]
Thank you very much,you guys truly are the best!!!! THANKS AND PEACE
Johnny [USA]
Thank you so much for your time and cooperation. You have made my experience a delightful one and look forward to doing business with you again. You can mail my order to the tattoo shop that I work at since I am there more often to pick it up. Please let me know when the 36 Ghosts becomes available. Sincerely, Johnny
Stewe [UK]
thankyou for your kind letter and for the "soga shohak" book that you sent me,i am very gratefull for your promt reply and good service,you obviously know that traditional japanese art reference is hard to come by for western tattooist's such as myself,i currently am working on lot's of body suits on english customers,done in as much of a traditional japanese theme as possible,i try to expand my knowledge of the rules of the traditional tattoo's as much as i can,i would very much like to sign my work in a traditional chop on a back-piece,as the great horiyoshi 111 doe's on his pieces,for my customers,i have spoken to japanese people in england and have shown them the chop that horiyoshi put's on his work,they have told me that this is a kanji known as,i think it's spelt edo-jomi and that this is a skill that only certain people can create,is it possible please that you could help me get my name created in this way or direct me to a website that can,i would be happy to pay for this service,and i'm sure you would find many other artists that would like this service too,maybe you could be the first website to offer this service,i'm sure you would find many western artists that would happily pay for this,as it is so hard to find any information on this,and it would be a nice way to sign my work,i respect that this is a traditional way of signing work,and that these masters have served long apprenterships, to be able to call themselves the masters of the art that they truley are,but lot's of my customers ask if i can sign my work in this way and i would be truely humbled if you can help me with this,thankyou for your time and best wishes on a great service,long may you continue Kindest regards
Sanislava [UK]
Thank you for everythig Japanese Tattoo Art Team! It was plesure to work with you an I'm sure that we do it in the future. Actually when 100 Demons of Horiyoshi III is in stock let me know. Keep on be that cool and supportive!!! Best regards, Stanislava
Mohammed [UK]
purchased a book called 'tattoo' by cosmic mook from your store on pay pal. interested to use the images contained in the book or to trace its outlines by drawing it. wish it as an exercise and also to sell shirts and garments as a business. may use various pages of the book but will be traced. are there copyrights on this or is it allowed. or are they patented under patency laws. considering the images are on body tattoos and not pictures on a printed page. if this needs consent or approval, then can you give me the contact details of its publisher or book author or his or hers e-mail address, whereby can contact them as convenient. thanks.
Christophe [France]
Bonjour, I received books, Thank you very much for your availability and your professionalism. Has next time Friendly Christophe
Lucy [UK]
Hello Thank you for my order. The Tattoo Master Flash Collection arrived yesterday. I am very pleased with it and I am impressed that it arrived in the UK so quickly. Best wishes Lucy
Tatiana [USA]
Hello. I wanted to inform you that some of your flower Book Dimensions are incorrectly listed on your website. I recently ordered and received some books and was happily surprised when I opened the package and they are much larger than described on your website. I thought I'd write to let you know in case you wanted to update your information for future customers. Thank you.
[NOTE: Size descriptions are being fixed.]
Mick [UK]
Just a quick thanks for getting the books to us so quickly. We are very pleased with them.
Paolo [Belgium]
Domo aligatoo
Jerome [USA]
I purchased a few books about 6 months ago from here and planning on purchasing more in the future. I was just wondering, do you know any tattoo shops there in japan that have experiance tattooing foreigners? imo i notice that american tattoo artist that does japanese style doesnt have that traditional feeling on their work. If you could recommend some that would be nice, thank you very much.
George [Greece]
Thank you very much for the pictures and I truly appreciate it cause I haven't seen such kind of gesture from any store I've worked with so far of any kind and the Kirin means a lot about me! Before I had a good impression about your business but now I have the best impression and I will recommend you to any friends for any serious buys.


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